• Double leg slim turnstile

Mechanism:It has high impact resistance and all parts used on the mechanics are processed using computer controlled fully automatic CNC and Laser Cutting Machines. Locking is Leakage Passage AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel, and it provides the opportunity to be changed separately in case of need due to its disassembly and assembly feature. Thanks to this feature, besides the production advantage, it provides fast technical service and fast solution opportunity. Since all of the cam leaves used on the mechanics are steel, they are long-lasting and have high resistance to environment interactions and corrosion. Thanks to the Special Impact Damping System used on the mechanism, transition comfort for the user and long-lasting use are provided thanks to this softness. There is also a cam system on the mechanism that prevents leakage passages and offers a single pass.
Main body: AISI 304 quality stainless steel, 4N satin surface.
Top cover:It is AISI 304 quality stainless steel in product standard and has a 4N satiny surface. Optionally, it can be manufactured from 8mm tempered and ground glass. The lower part of the glass surface has been strengthened with a chemically treated support sheet against corrosion in order to increase resistance to impacts that may come from the outside and to provide strength. With the special printing technique on the glass surface, the image you want is printed in HD quality, and the product is personalized for you. This application technique is performed only by us in the world. The advantage of this special technique; Granite, wood, painting, logo, etc. by applying visuals on the product gives the opportunity to get a more elegant visual.
Arms:It has a standard 32mm thick aluminum and anodized surface.
Arm Core: It is produced by injection printing from a special alloy material with high impact resistance.
Electronic Control Card and Operating Voltage: Electronic control circuit is produced as surface mount technology ( SMD ), control inputs are dry contact ( NO ). CMOS, TTL and 5 – 24VDC inputs are available as options. Passing directions can be set freely or controlled on the card. The energy required for the operation of the system is provided at 24VDC 1.1A using the Swich Mode Power Suppley, input 110VAC-240VAC 50/60Hz. City mains voltage. The operating temperature is between -10°C and +50°C, optionally a heater can be installed for very cold environments. In case of pass approval, it can give an audible warning.
Sensor: An inductive sensor is used as a sensor, it has high durability and performance in all kinds of environments (dust, humidity, etc.) and increases the product quality.
Locking: Special solenoids with high strength and working performance are used. Locking is done with nails made of 304 quality stainless steel.
Emergency: In case of power cut, the arms allow free passage. In addition, there is an emergency input on the card. This NC state is compatible with any external (fire, panic, etc.) all panels and connection simply. Turnstile automatically allows free passage in case of contact or cable disconnection from such devices.
Scope of application:Cerberus Series waist turnstiles are designed to be used easily in all indoor and outdoor environments. It is suitable for all kinds of logo and visual use on turnstiles whose covers are designed as glass. We offer stylish solutions with special decorative stainless options.
Security Level: Deterrent

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Double leg slim turnstile

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